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Corralls Coal was founded by James Corrall of Brighton in 1843 who made his name as a coal merchant, his business grew and he became owner of a fleet of ships used to import coal into Brighton cheaply from mines in the midlands for distribution to homes and businesses alike across the south of England, including later, on the isle of Wight. From the 1990’s Corralls began to move on from supplying spare parts for open fires and fireside accessories to establishing a stove showroom and installation service in Newport, from that point on the stove supply and installation business has grown and evolved to what it is today.

Now part of CPL ltd, operating alongside the long running coal, smokeless fuel and log supply side of the business we have been able to take the huge wealth of experience and knowledge gained from not only supplying the fuel, but also supplying and installing the open fires, stoves and boilers that use it to offer an unparalleled level of expertise, whether you require a bag of premium kiln dried logs, chimney cleaning or a new stove, even a full solid fuel heating system, there is nobody more experienced to cater for your needs.

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